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Is Facebook Turning into a Stalker's Paradise?

Friday, 29 October 2010

Don't get me wrong, I am as much the avid Facebook user as anyone else; in fact you could tell me I have 'FAD' and I wouldn't be offended. I love the good things it stands for; the ability to stay in contact with friends that you don't see everyday; its frequent mundaneness and the way I can make complete strangers lifelong friends.

However, what I don't understand is Facebook's increasing disrespect for Members' privacy and security. I read a great article today on PC Pro about a new Facebook feature that they have just launched "See Friendship".

At first glance this link is a great new addition, allowing friends to see a history of all the posts and comments that they have made between themselves. However, this is where the 'creepy' side comes in, not only can you see everything between yourself and your friends, but also all of the content shared between any two friends via a new search facility. It lets you enter in the names of any two friends to reveal their entire Facebook correspondence with each other — even if the content dates from before you added either as friends.

Does the phrase 'Stalkers Paradise' spring to mind here? Of course you could do this yourself just by rifling through your friends accounts if you really wanted to, but this new facility saves you at least a day! Obviously this being Facebook, all users are automatically opted in and it currently appears that there is no way to turn the feature off.

To read the full article 'Creepy Facebook Adds Friend Stalker Tool' go to the 'PC Pro Blog'.

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