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Consider using Facebook as a marketing tool

Friday, 26 November 2010

It'll be surprising to learn that a recent survey, carried out by Hitwise, admitted that Facebook had accrued more hits than Google Search in October this year. So, with that in mind, should more of us be thinking about honing in on the power of Facebook and using it as a key marketing tool. An additional way to generate awareness of our brands, products and services?

Think about setting up a Fan Page for your organisation. Make it a clear path to your orgnanisation, make sure the Page title is clear and describes who you are. Include a strong logo, or visual representation of your organisation.

Your 'Fan Information Page' is like creating a landing page within a Facebook tab. You can choose this page as the tab that people first access on visiting your page. It's essential to include as much information on here about your organisation as possible. The more relevant information you include, the more likely that people will find you whilst searching.

Also take full advantage of the small 'About Us' box on the left-hand side of main Fan, to succintly describe your services and organisation. Include keywords and phrases that people will use to find you in the search.

Key to the prominency of your Fan page, is getting as many people as possible to 'Like' you. As in standard SEO practices, links to your Fan page are 'votes' for your page. The more votes, the more points for your page. So you'll also need to advertise your Facebook page from your website and promote it as much as possible.

Facebook allows you to create a 'Find Us on Facebook' badge, or embed a 'Like' Box on your website for maximum visibility.

If you need some help with harnessing the marketing potential of Facebook, then please do get in contact with us at Oxford Web SEO. We can review your current website marketing plan and advise on ways you can include social media optimisation into your strategy.

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